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The Legislative Corner is the place to come to find out about current legislation of interest to the nursing profession, dates of upcoming legislative events, such as Capitol Hill: Step by Step (to register, please go to the “Programs” tab) and other pertinent information.

Capitol Hill: Step by Step

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


The following link will take you to the SNAP Legislative Corner on the SNAP website.  I have uploaded an article that includes voter registration deadlines for the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, Delaware, and Ohio. If you will be out of your home state or county it is critical you apply for a mail-in ballot or absentee ballot by the deadlines included. Rules and regulations do change from state to state therefore make sure to pay close attention to information regarding your state. One in every 40 voters in the state of Pennsylvania is a registered nurse. It is more important than ever to vote as our country faces a time of adversity and hardship.


Who do I Vote For?

With the election coming there are many questions. When do I vote? Where do I vote? Why do I vote? However, the most critical question of them all is WHO do I vote for? In a time of uncertainty, these questions might be more arduous than ever. Below is information on where each candidate stands on certain healthcare issues that I hope bring you more clarity when casting your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd. This information is directly from and more information can be found at:

I have an article that details the positions of both candidates.  You can read more by clicking on the following link:

Who Do I Vote For?

Dissecting Political Parties

When we turn on the television, scroll on our Twitter feed and FaceBook, or tune into the radio, it is inevitable we hear the ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans.  From healthcare to gun control, to immigration all the nonsense blurs together when one doesn’t even know the difference between the two major political parties or even what a political party is!  Click on the link below to learn more about the basic difference between the Democratic and Republican parties and where you might stand on the political spectrum:

Disseceting Political Parties (1)

The Electoral College

After the 2016 election, many brought into question the purposes of the Electoral College after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election to Donald Trump.  This is the fifth time in United States’ history, twice in this century, that a presidential candidate won the presidency without winning the popular vote.  Click on the link below to take a look at how the Electoral College works and the pros and cons of the system our forefathers put in place:

The electoral college (2)

Pennsylvania Nursing Regulations and Law:

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Pennsylvania Code-RN

PN Law

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