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The Legislative Corner is the place to come to find out about current legislation of interest to the nursing profession, dates of upcoming legislative events, such as Capitol Hill: Step by Step (to register, please go to the “Programs” tab) and other pertinent information.

Capitol Hill: Step by Step

March 29, 2022


One in every 40 voters in the state of Pennsylvania is a registered nurse. It is more important than ever to vote as our country faces times of adversity and hardship. If you will be out of your home state or county it is critical you apply for a mail-in ballot or absentee ballot by the deadlines for your legislative district. Rules and regulations do change from state to state therefore make sure to pay close attention to information regarding your state.

Dissecting Political Parties

When we turn on the television, scroll on our Twitter feed and FaceBook, or tune into the radio, it is inevitable we hear the ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans.  From healthcare to gun control, to immigration all the nonsense blurs together when one doesn’t even know the difference between the two major political parties or even what a political party is!  Click on the link below to learn more about the basic difference between the Democratic and Republican parties and where you might stand on the political spectrum:

Disseceting Political Parties (1)


The Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania invites chapters to submit resolutions to be considered by the SNAP House of Delegates at the Annual Convention.  This year’s convention is being held at the Hilton Harrisburg, November 17 – 29, 2021.  The House of Delegates will meet on Thursday and Friday.

SNAP chapters may submit one (1) resolution to be considered.  Following is the SNAP Resolutions Handbook and also the Resolutions Template to use to draft your resolution.

2021 Resolutions-Handbook

SNAP Resolution Template- Updated June 2021

Pennsylvania Nursing Regulations and Law:

RN Law

Pennsylvania Code-RN

PN Law

Pennsylvania Code – LPN