Board of Directors

December 2, 2014

The SNAP Board and NEC 2019-2020: 

President – Amy Kaiser; Vice President – Vanessa Stenulis; Secretary/Treasurer – Alyssa Jones;  Legislative Coordinator – Alyssa Tygh; Northwest Coordinator – Grace Donaghue; Southwest Coordinator – Taylor Vincent; Southcentral Coordinator – Sarah Heidler; Greater Philadelphia Coordinator – Ricki Boateng; Central Philadelphia Coordinator – Ari Rubinson; Northeast Coordinator – Mark Chester; Southeast Coordinator – Jillian Schmell.

Elected to the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) are Alexa Aurednik, NEC West and Chair and Emily Husko, NEC East. (Please go to the NEC page for their picture).  Those students who are in schools in the Central region are encouraged to consider being appointed to the position of NEC Central, which is currently vacant.



Amy Kaiser is a senior at the University of Scranton. She previously served as the Northeast Regional Coordinator and chair of the Community Health Committee. Last year, she worked on projects, such as initiating and planning the first Northeast Regional Professional Development Conference and starting the first Community Health Video Project, based on an adopted mental health resolution. Amy is honored to be serving another term on the board and is excited to see all that the organization will accomplish over the coming year. She hopes to provide continuity by promoting previously successful ideas of the past board, while integrating new ideas of the current board. She hopes to place an emphasis on the roles of nurses in the legislative process this election year and provide increased opportunities for members to become engaged with the organization. Amy is looking forward to collaborating with other passionate nursing students throughout the state this year.


Vanessa is a junior nursing student at The Pennsylvania State University.  She currently serves on the legislative committee of Penn State’s SNAP chapter. She helped in the creation of resolutions that were passed at the 66th and 67th SNAP Conventions. Vanessa also served as a delegate at the 66th and 67th Annual Conventions. Her interest in SNAP came from David R. Ranck’s LEAD Workshop where she received so much information regarding SNAP. She intends to facilitate communication with each of the regional coordinators and their constituents. Planning this year’s convention is something Vanessa is really looking forward to, by keeping important traditions, and making innovative changes. She has established the convention theme, “The Future of Nursing 2020: The Power of YOU!”

Vanessa is honored to serve as your Vice President, and she encourages you to reach out to her with any questions you may have.


Alyssa Jones has been part of Villanova University’s BSN Express 14-month program since May of 2019. In December of 2018, Alyssa graduated early from Drexel University with a degree in health sciences. At Drexel, Alyssa was involved in many extracurricular activities, including being the captain of the Drexel Women’s Rugby team. In addition, Alyssa completed her cooperative education (co-op) cycle at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in the Global Medicine Department, where she discovered her passion for nursing and international healthcare. This experience led her to numerous volunteer opportunities at Villanova University, including performing health assessments on patients at the Unity Clinic, as well as the Arab American Developmental Corporation Clinic, both located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alyssa has also been certified to administer Narcan through Prevention Point Opioid Reversal Training. At Villanova, Alyssa is involved in her university’s SNAP chapter, in addition to being the BSN Express Representative for the Undergraduate Nursing Senate (UNS).

For this upcoming year as Secretary/Treasurer of SNAP, Alyssa has two very specific goals she hopes to accomplish with the other board members. One is to increase the number and amount of scholarships available for nursing students, specifically through the use of technology. The second is to help SNAP continue to pursue becoming a foundation that can accept charitable donations; this would inspire larger donations from individuals and organizations to continue increasing the funding from previous years. Alyssa is certain that with her education, experience and personal strengths, she will be able to work closely with other members and make these goals a reality for SNAP. Alyssa is honored to serve as your Secretary/Treasurer and looks forward to collaborating with other student nurses throughout the year.


Alyssa Tygh is a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University pursuing her major in Nursing while also minoring in Healthcare Policy & Administration. Alyssa also serves on the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) Legislative Committee and as Legislative Chair on Penn State’s Chapter Board of Student Nursing. Recently, Alyssa was a delegate at the 67th annual SNAP convention and was a co-author of a resolution presented at the 66th annual SNAP convention, 67th annual SNAP convention, and 68th annual NSNA convention. Alyssa is looking forward to the coming election year and getting student nurses politically aware and active! She also looks forward to working with other students and faculty in creating resolutions to tackle the country’s biggest healthcare issues to be presented at SNAP and NSNA conventions.


My name is Grace Donaghue, I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh and I serve as the NorthWest Regional Coordinator. I enjoy working with geriatric patients and this summer, I look forward to an externship in the operating room.

For 2020, I hope to expand membership in the chapters for my region and have consistent communication with each other. There is much to learn about SNAP, ways to network, build friendships and learn about nursing opportunities.

Born and raised in Hershey, PA, I have spent much time riding the roller coasters and the sweet smell of chocolate!  Outside of school and work, much of my time is with family, friends and my highly energetic Dalmatian named Captain.


I am currently attending Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing’s two-year program.  As SouthWest Regional Coordinator my goal is to connect our chapter with community service initiatives surrounding Pittsburgh. This will give nursing students a hands-on understanding on the impact healthcare has in society and mobilize us to be able to make an impact. In addition, volunteering will give us experience with cooperating towards milestones as a team and learn to value others’ methods and backgrounds. Personally, I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala this summer to provide resources to children in need. I plan on touching base with each school in my district so we can learn from one another to lead a more adaptive and empathetic class of nurses. On the other hand, another priority for me while in this role is to increase diversity and inclusion within the field itself. To effectively advocate for a patient’s wants and needs, people with the same values should be represented in their care. As students, we should familiarize ourselves with people strikingly similar to us and vastly different to appropriately aid our patients in whatever means we are able to. We should appreciate and celebrate our differences and encourage people from every race, culture, religion etc. I want to inspire my peers to be great as I, too, am inspired to make my role in SNAP a great one. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to serve.


Sarah is a Junior nursing student at The Pennsylvania State University. Sarah first became interested in holding a position on the State Board when she went to the LEAD Workshop, which she attended last spring. Sarah plans to continue on facilitating communication within the South Central region as well as the other regions. Sarah wants more student nurses to get involved with SNAP and NSNA, and encourages you to reach out to her if you have any questions. Sarah is honored to be elected as your South Central Regional Coordinator, and is excited to see where this experience takes her.


Ricki Boateng is a junior at Widener University’s School of Nursing. Her hometown is Northeast Philadelphia, PA. In college she has been heavily involved in community health such as HIV testing in non-clinical settings, community clinics and works with individuals of low socioeconomic status. At her local SNAP chapter she previously served as the Undergraduate Chair/Breakthrough To Nursing. Her role in this position was to be a liaison between faculty and students while also providing minority students with resources to better their experience on campus. This inspired her to serve as the 2019-2020 Greater Philadelphia Regional Coordinator and she hopes to be a dependent and reliable person that would facilitate growth in many other schools’ chapters, no matter their level.


Ari Rubinson is a senior from Temple University. He plans on coordinating diversity education throughout the Central Philadelphia SNAP region and beyond. He hopes to specifically highlight education in the areas of LGBTQ health care and patients with disabilities. He hopes to facilitate smooth communication throughout all Central Philadelphia chapters.


Mark is currently a Junior at Wilkes University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He currently serves as the Chapter president of the Student Nursing Organization at Wilkes as well as being a Resident Assistant. His interest in SNAP started at the David R. Ranck’s LEAD Workshop and has been a delegate in the House of Delegates at the SNAP convention. Mark intends to facilitate communication between all the schools in the Northeast region and all others, as well as encourage more student nurses to get involved in SNAP and NSNA. He is very passionate about building and strengthening the nursing community and is excited to serve and work with the board as the NorthEast Regional Coordinator.    


Jillian is a first-year student of Lehigh Carbon Community College’s ADN program (LCCC). She currently carries out the role as one of the first-year class representatives of their local SNAP chapter. SNAP’s 67th annual convention and her LCCC chapter peers inspired her to get more involved on a state level. Jillian works hard to involve her classmates in SNAP and is passionate about her community. She is grateful to serve as SouthEast Regional Coordinator, and excited to help students engage in both the community and nursing profession. She encourages you to reach out to her and challenge your limitations!