Board of Directors

December 2, 2014

The SNAP Board and NEC 2018-2019:  ROW ONE: Isaiah Washington, Vice President; Madeline Stadler, President; Connor Cochran, Secretary Treasurer; ROW TWO: Sarah Zakin, Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator; Amy Kaiser, NorthEast Regional Coordinator; Kristen Ahner, SouthEast Regional Coordinator; ROW THREE: Julia Rosenblatt, NorthWest Regional Coordinator; Alexandra Wawrzonek, Greater Philadelphia Regional Coordinator; Keith Hanley, Legislative Coordinator; Alexa Aurednik, SouthEast Regional Coordinator; Vanessa Stenulis, SouthCentral Regional Coordinator; ROW FIVE:  Elizabeth Wilk, NEC West and Chair; Katelyn Payne, NEC East.



Madeline is a senior at Villanova in the College of Nursing. She is minoring in French and hopes to incorporate this knowledge of the French language and culture into her nursing practice. This is Madeline’s second term as SNAP President. Previously, she served as Secretary/Treasurer on the state board from 2016-2017. She has also served on the Villanova SNAP Chapter Board as Vice President. Madeline is honored to be serving another term as President. She cannot wait to meet and collaborate with SNAP members over the next year.


Isaiah Washington is a Junior at Widener University. He states that serving as your Greater Philadelphia Regional Coordinator last year was an absolute honor and that he intends on continuing the success of this organization as the current Vice President. Isaiah has been involved with SNAP ever since he attended his first convention in 2016. The vision that he plans to implement in this role directly correlates with the Strategic Plan that he helped develop.  He is also very excited to collaborate with SNAP’s Regional Coordinators to ensure adequate connection between the Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania while promoting the influx of ideas that Nursing Students in this state create. Isaiah thanks all the student nurses in Pennsylvania for providing him the opportunity to serve as your Vice President and he says that he will continue to provide new experiences with his new position.


Connor Cochran is part of Villanova’s BSN Express 14-month nursing program. Connor recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in biological sciences and geography. He has previous business experience attaining a general manager position of a small business in Newark, Delaware, while completing his first undergraduate degree. He has a strong interest in holistic medicine and psychiatric nursing. In the future, he plans to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner in the greater Philadelphia region.


Keith Hanley is currently a Junior at Widener University pursuing his major in Nursing, while also serving on Widener’s Chapter Board of Student Nursing.  Keith was responsible for planning a state wide dinner bringing students from many different universities together to network and share their experiences as student nurses.  He is a member of the Presidential Service Corps. Bonner Foundation, volunteering over 300 hours of community service working with underprivileged youth and their communities.  Recently Keith was a delegate at both the SNAP and NSNA conventions while also attending the David R Ranck LEAD workshop.  Keith is looking forward to working with other students and faculty members in research and analysis of some of the country’s biggest issues within the medical field. Guiding the way in finding resolutions to be presented at future SNAP and NSNA conventions.


Julia is a junior nursing student at the University of Pittsburgh.  She currently serves as the service chair for her local SNAP chapter and is a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, a service fraternity on campus.  She enjoys doing large service events and is looking forward to using her service connections to hold service events for multiple nursing schools in the Northwest region.  Julia is involved in the Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program at Pitt where she is currently assisting in research regarding types of anesthesia and how it relates to nausea and vomiting.  She is also a member of the Equestrian team on campus and has been riding horses her whole life.  Julia has been a delegate for past NSNA and SNAP conventions and is also a resolution author.  She is very passionate about SNAP and looks forward to contributing to the organization.


Alexa is a first-year student of Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing’s two year program. As a transfer student from another university, this is her third year being involved in SNAP. She is excited to help grow her new school’s small chapter and become very involved with all the other chapters in her region. She is honored to be elected as SNAP’s Southwest Regional Coordinator for this upcoming year, and is excited to grow, not only as a nurse, but also as a person through this experience.


Vanessa is a sophomore nursing student at The Pennsylvania State University.  She currently serves as a committee member of Penn State’s SNAP chapter. This year was PSU’s first organized legislative committee and the resolution that was created was passed at the 66th SNAP Convention. Vanessa also served as a delegate at the 66th Convention. Her interest in SNAP came from David R. Ranck’s LEAD Workshop. She intends to facilitate full communication within South Central region and all others, plan community events at Penn State for student nurses, organize professional events to gain experience for the future, and to encourage more student nurses to become involved in SNAP and NSNA. Vanessa is honored to serve as your South Central Regional Coordinator and she encourages you to reach out to her with any questions you may have.



Alex is in the 2018-2019 BSN Express cohort at Villanova University. She previously earned a Bachelors of Science in Economics at the University of Pittsburgh before pursuing a career in nursing. From the first SNAP meeting, Alex knew she wanted to get involved. Throughout her membership, she has been an active member, most recently attending State Convention in Harrisburg. She is grateful to have been elected Regional Coordinator of the Greater Philadelphia area and is excited to foster positive relationships between all chapters in the region. Alex looks forward to various chapters coming together to unite, and is eager to meet other nursing leaders and collaborate with fellow board members.


Sarah is a senior nursing student at Temple University.  She became involved in SNAP at the beginning of her sophomore year and quickly gained active member status.  She has attended multiple SNAP Conventions and two David R. Ranck LEAD workshops.  Sarah is honored to have been re-elected to the Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator position and looks forward to continuing to serve SNAP on the Board of Directors.  She is very excited to continue working with the Central Philadelphia region and expand the reach of the region.  Sarah cannot wait to meet you all at the 67th annual convention in Lancaster!



Amy is a junior at the University of Scranton. She is minoring in Spanish. She is the current vice president of her local board and served as her chapter’s secretary the previous year. She has been a delegate at the SNAP convention and has attended the NSNA End of Year Annual Convention, the NSNA Leadership Conference and the NSNA Midyear Planning Conference. Amy is passionate about strengthening the nursing community by giving SNAP members a supported voice. She is looking forward to collaborating with SNAP members throughout the Northeast region and the state. She is honored to be serving as the Northeast Regional Coordinator and is very excited to meet everyone at the 67th Annual Convention in Lancaster!    


Kristen is a senior in the ADN program at Lehigh Carbon Community College. She currently acts as a fundraising coordinator for her SNAP chapter at LCCC. After attending SNAP’s 65th Annual Convention and the David R. Ranck LEAD Workshop, she was inspired to get more involved at the state level of SNAP. Kristen has also worked hard at her local level to get more students involved with SNAP. She is honored to have this opportunity to serve as the Southeast Regional Coordinator. She is looking forward to working with the other board members and the schools in the southeast region.