Board of Directors

December 2, 2014

The SNAP Board and NEC 2017-2018 (bottom left to top right):  Meghan Scanlon, Vice President; Madeline Stadler, President; Jenna Kessler, Secretary Treasurer; Sarah Groves, SouthCentral Regional Coordinator; Holly Storm, NorthWest Regional Coordinator; Megan McGonagle, SouthEast Regional Coordinator; Stacy Riggle, NEC West & Chair; Sarah Zakin, Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator; Katherine Hurley, Legislative Coordinator; Brett Swiecinski, NEC East; Isaiah Washington, Greater Philadelphia Regional Coordinator; and Gabriel Velez, Northeast Regional Coordinator



Madeline is a junior at Villanova in the College of Nursing. She is minoring in French and hopes to incorporate this knowledge of the French language and culture into her nursing practice. Madeline served on the SNAP Board of Directors last year as Secretary Treasurer. She has also served on the Villanova SNAP chapter board as Special Projects Co-Chair and Ronald McDonald House Co-Chair. Madeline is honored to be serving on the SNAP Board again in her new role as President. She cannot wait to meet and collaborate with SNAP members over the next year.


Meghan is a junior nursing student at Villanova University.  She currently serves as SNAP-Villanova’s Membership and Publicity Chair, as well as serves as a legislative committee mentor.  Meghan also served on the state resolutions committee in the fall of 2016, and she serves on the 2017 NSNA Resolutions Committee.  She has been delegate at both the SNAP and NSNA conventions, attended the LEAD Workshop, and lead Capitol Hill Step-By-Step Day.  Meghan is very passionate about SNAP.  She seeks to build a convention that will give future nurse leaders the tools to succeed.  She also plans to develop the strategic plan to advance our organization and the nursing profession further than it has ever gone before.  Meghan encourages members to attend the 66th SNAP House of Delegates located in Harrisburg, PA in November 2018.  Please contact Meghan if you have any questions about convention or the strategic plan!


Jenna Kessler is a junior at Drexel University. She is minoring in Health Administration. She was the previous Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator for SNAP, and is currently the secretary/treasurer for her local board. She also served as her chapter’s legislative chair the year before. Jenna was honored to be elected into this position to serve the SNAP membership. She shared, “It was nice to meet all of you at our 65th annual convention and hope to see you again in Harrisburg for our 66th convention! I am looking forward to working with all of you to help strengthen our voices as student nurses.”


Katherine, or Katie,  is in her third of five years at Drexel University pursuing her nursing major with a minor in Health Services Administration. Currently, she is completing a co-op at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on the Neurology/Neurosurgery ICU.  She serves as Vice President on Drexel’s SNAP and was the community service chair from 2015-2016. She has been a delegate at both the SNAP and NSNA conventions, and attended the David R. Ranck LEAD workshop. SNAP and NSNA has inspired her passion for legislation and is excited to share that passion with all of you.


Holly is also a junior nursing student!  She attends Duquesne University and is currently the Legislative Coordinator for her SNAP chapter and it is part of Alpha Tau Delta which is the nursing fraternity at Duquesne University.  She has enjoyed working with the schools in her region and help provide support and assistance to help these chapters grow and thrive.  She has been working to facilitate collaboration among the chapters by working with chapter presidents and improving communications.




This position is currently vacant.  If you are interested in serving, please complete the JotForm Consent to Serve form found on the SNAP Nominations and Elections Committee page.  You would be running for this position at the upcoming SNAP Convention at the Hilton Harrisburg from November 14-17.  The deadline to be pre-slated is Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Sarah is currently a sophomore at West Chester University. She has been an involved member of SNAP in her chapter since freshmen year and is thrilled to be elected onto the state board as South Central Regional Coordinator. Along with SNAP, she currently works as a peer educator at the Office of Wellness Promotion where she promotes health and wellness to students on campus through health campaigns, planning campus-wide health and wellness initiatives and providing information and resources to students. Sarah will use her experience and ideas to collaborate with each chapter in her region to help them make the most of SNAP. She hopes to improve communication between nursing schools whether it is for community outreach, nursing workshops, networking, or social events. She is looking forward to working with you all this year!


Isaiah Washington is a sophomore at Widener University. He states that he is extremely grateful to serve as your Greater Philadelphia Regional Coordinator because he wants to be an asset to your college careers. In his freshman year, he served as the Recruitment Chair for Widener University’s chapter and became a liaison between the nursing students and the faculty. He loves to make an impact in other’s people’s lives because it inspires him to do more.  For this position, he intends to create a system that will promote frequent interaction between all the colleges in the Greater Philadelphia Region so that strong bonds will be created between them. He thanks the SNAP delegates once again for electing him into this position, He hopes to continue to grow as much as this organization will over the next couple of years.


Sarah is a junior nursing student at Temple University.  She became involved in SNAP at the beginning of her sophomore year and quickly gained active member status.  She has attended SNAP Convention and the LEAD workshop.  Sarah is honored to have been elected Central Philadelphia Regional Coordinator and looks forward to serving SNAP on the Board of Directors.  She is very excited to work with her local chapters and expand the reach of her region.  Sarah can’t wait to start working with the board to prepare for the 66th annual convention in Harrisburg and meet you all there!




Gabriel is a junior at Wilkes University and became involved with SNAP in his sophomore year when he was elected treasurer of the Wilkes chapter. He still holds this position today. He attended the LEAD workshop and the State convention, which motivated and inspired him to become even more involved with SNAP and ultimately led him to run for Northeast Regional Coordinator. He is very passionate about cultural awareness and diversity initiatives and hopes to incorporate that into his work with SNAP. He is honored to have been elected and is very excited to work with the local chapters in his region to help provide support and ultimately see each chapter grow. he also hopes to strengthen communication between the chapters and share the amazing opportunities SNAP has to offer to his region. He looks forward to seeing everyone at the 66th Annual Convention in Harrisburg.    


Megan is a senior at Lehigh Carbon Community College. She has a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology and plans to pursue her MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership at Drexel University. She is the current Vice President of her SNAP chapter at LCCC. Attendance at the first SNAP meeting of her freshman year inspired Megan to get involved and she has worked hard to promote SNAP to her fellow students. She is excited to have the opportunity to serve as the Regional Coordinator of the Southeast Region. It is her goal to unite members and connect chapters within her region. She is also eager to share the incredible benefits and opportunities SNAP has to offer. She looks forward to meeting and networking with other aspiring nurse leaders, collaborating with her fellow board members, and continuing to advocate for and bring together nursing students of Pennsylvania