If you are looking for any information regarding SNAP, you should find be able to find it here!  Simply click on the following sections:

1.  Awards & Scholarships:  All members and chapters are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards, which are presented at the Awards Celebration event at the Annual SNAP Convention.

2.  Legislative Corner:  If you are interested in legislative initiatives, dates of upcoming Capitol Hill: Step by Step, and Pennsylvania regulations and laws for both RNs and LPNs, this is the place for you!

3.  Resolutions:  Each year, members propose resolutions regarding issues that are important to the organization’s members, the nursing profession, or health needs of the public.  If the resolution is adopted, it becomes part of the SNAP Substantive Policies (which can be found in the “SNAP Document” tab).  The titles of the resolutions passed for the last five (5) years can be found in the SNAP Policy Manual.

4.  Starting A Chapter:  Do you have questions as to how to start or strengthen your chapter?  Just visit this page.

5.  SNAP Documents:  All other pertinent documents will be found here, including SNAP Bylaws, SNAP Policy Manual, Faculty Advisor Guidelines, Convention 101 (a PowerPoint presentation about attending convention), Putting the Fun in Fundraising, and the Consent to Serve Application (the application to submit if you want to run for a state office)