SCORE! NCLEX® Prep Course

SCORE! NCLEX® Prep Course

Chapters can sign up to have this excellent NCLEX® review course held at their school!  For more information or to reserve dates for Spring 2015, please contact Cindy Shingler, SNAP Executive Director at 717-671-7110 or email!

Top 10 Reasons To Use SNAP’s SCORE! NCLEX Prep Course:  

10. Endorsed by SNAP Board of Directors
9. Strong Test Taking Component with Clinical Review
8. Free Review Book – Good Thinking
7. Three Day Comprehensive Program
6. $10 Rebate to SNAP Chapter for each registrant
5. Flexible Scheduling
4. Taught by one of the most informed educators in the country – Dr. Susan Poorman
3. High Pass Rate on NCLEX Exam
2. Great Price
1. Have Fun While You’re Learning

* the $10 rebate will take effect only if all registration requirements are met.