The Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania is a non profit organization and constituent of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA), representing nursing students throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Each School of Nursing in Pennsylvania is part of one of the seven regions in SNAP: Northwest, Southwest, SouthCentral, Central Philadelphia, Greater Philadelphia, Northeast and Southeast. Click here to see which region your school is located:

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If you're interested in joining SNAP and attend a School of Nursing in the commonwealth of Pennsylvanina, please go to and click on 'Member Services' at the top of the page. Once joining NSNA, you will automatically become a member of SNAP.

Order a SNAP Pin for just $10.00 plus Shipping and Handling. Fill out the form below and mail to the SNAP office with your check or money order made out to SNAP.
Once your order is received you should expect to receive the pin in 5-7 business days.

SNAP Pin Order Form

SNAP has created a blog for you to stay up to date with SNAP Happenings, network with your colleagues, or to just stay in contact with old friends. You can click here to view the blog. You must be a member of the blog in order to post threads.

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