Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC)

Hunter and Michelle look forward to meeting future leaders of SNAP!

The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) is responsible for selecting SNAP members for the Slate of Candidates for 2017-2018.  To be pre-slated, Consent To Serve applications must be received at the SNAP Office by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  To submit your Consent to Serve, please click on the following link:

SNAP Consent To Serve Application



Michelle is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, and is originally from San Francisco, California.  She is currently pursuing a Chinese minor and plans to incorporate her ability to speak Cantonese and Mandarin as a nurse.  One of her goals for the coming year is having a complete state of candidates at the 2017 convention.  She wants to encourage new members, like herself, to be excited about SNAP!


Logan is a senior at Penn State University College of Nursing at University Park, where she also served as her SNAP Chapter’s president during her junior year.  Logan grew up in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia, where her interest in medicine developed from the many world-renown hospitals and clinics.

For the past three years, her involvement in SNAP has challenged her as a leader, student friend and, most importantly, an aspiring nurse.  Before she was elected president at Penn State, she serve as a THON chair, where she worked all year with a team to facilitate maximum fund-raising and awareness for children and families affected by pediatric cancer.  Their efforts culminated with a 46-hour dance marathon (no sitting or sleeping!) in February 2016 with a total of $9.7 million was raised.

Logan is honored to have the opportunity to give back to SNAP due to all that she has been offered through the association.  She is passionate about empowering other students to maximize their leadership potential by running for the state board and using their unique strengths and experiences to positively benefit the future of an organization that means so much to so many.  She looks forward to reaching out to chapters across the Commonwealth to inform them of the opportunities and benefits of serving on the SNAP Board of Directors and Nominations and Elections (NEC).